Weekly Treats 2013 Submission (Single)

by Spaceman Fantastiques



Single I did for www.weeklytreats.net last year! It was awesome being a part of such a collection of awesome talent.

I was fortunate enough to have 6 months notice on this track and still didn't actually start it until the week before. At least start it in the sense of recording. I had been messing around with the music for a while but it was all just in coherent ideas. It was came together when I had my guitar in a subway station and a man asked me to play something he could meditate to. So i started with the chords i had been messing with but took them in a really wonderful direction. After that night I decided I needed to get working on it my Weekly Treats submission and this song was born. I hope you all enjoy it! I had a ton of fun writing and recording it!


released July 5, 2013




Spaceman Fantastiques New York, New York

making delightful music and scoring games/digital shorts. let me know if you need something!

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