[sleep] is a trip through one night in someones head. Troubles that haunt you in the day find you in your dreams, just like solace does.

remastered in August of 2016


released April 5, 2013

Guitar, Kaossilator, Lumiloop, Programing, "Jack", and all other weird noises: Spaceman

end of 1AM: Kelly Hulderman

Album artwork and Narration: FLOOR BABA floorbaba.bandcamp.com

Nurse: Jacqueline Maloch




Spaceman Fantastiques New York, New York

making delightful music and scoring games/digital shorts. let me know if you need something!

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Track Name: 5AM
The hospital doors burst open as a gurney carries a man down to a room. Doctor’s walking at a quickened pace along side the man. Checking vitals, setting up the IV, administering medicine in hopes to bring him back to a stable state. Blood drips from several parts of the mans body. A white shirt, now crimson with the mans fleeing life, is cut in order to locate and asses just how much work needs to happen right away. The doctors throw around orders to those around them and periodically take deep breaths, perhaps to convince themselves that this poor bastard has a chance. Scalpels, sponges, stitches, and sutures all dance across the mans skin. The doctors seem to find something else every time they think they are almost done. Hours pass and files are made up in the down time. Time stamps his visit in this place, as if he had a choice, and as the ink dries, alarms go off. All accentuating the flatline tone of the mans heart monitor.

my heavy lids lift. a florescent greeting from the bulbs above. my pupils still adjusting to the electromagnetic gift that has been bestowed upon them. my limbs tingle with a strange sensation. something between numb and not there. obviously they are there but they feel slightly disconnected at the moment. as if they hadn't quiet synced up in the alignment. as my eyes come to, I give the room a once over and realize I am in a hospital. didn't take Holmes to get this deduction but I can't help but be struck with a certain air of mystery. how did I get here? why am I here? the basics for someone waking up in a hospital room, really. I have an i/v and some heart monitor pads but nothing super intense. I am able to sit up and just as I do the door opens. a nurse enters with a strange look of happiness on her face, perhaps to my new found consciousness.
"I came as soon as I heard the news, Jack." 
"I feel a little funny," I replied. 
"That's to be expected. It has been quite a battle to get to where you are now. You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" she asked. 
"Um, I'm sorry, I'm not sure I follow..."
"I need to check your vitals, and you should probably still be getting some rest. I'll bring you some food; the Doctor will see you shortly."