Nostromo, The Wandering

by Spaceman Fantastiques



this album was the first in the series of 'me seeing a friends picture i liked and wanting to make an album about it'. it was also the first album i started working on when i was doing the live stream.
a while back, a friend of mine decided to pick up and head across the country in a sweet sweet van (pictured). it was a really inspiring and brave thing to do and it's what eventually got me to write this album.


released July 7, 2017

programming, guitar stuffs, Stephen Hawking Voice Generator, general ideas - George
all field recordings of Nostromo noises, album art- Richard
inspiration for the title of track 5 - Azuria Sky

all tracks were started on Monday May 8th, 2017




Spaceman Fantastiques New York, New York

making delightful music and scoring games/digital shorts. let me know if you need something!

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Track Name: Are You Fucking Kidding Me? (The Bridge is Out)
(in morse code)
fuck you x 4

"this just in.
reports have been flooding in that the bridge on i-3x has caught on fire, and as fallen.
so far there is no word on any injuries, but it is most certain that if you were planning on using this route, you will need to find a new way home.
there are police and fire crews working to contain the blaze, but it seems as though it will be on fire for quite some time.

if you know anything about this incident, please contact your local police station immediately.
we must all be here for each other.
to build a brighter future.
hopefully this won't fuck up your travel plans too much Richard.


more on this story as it unfolds."