I Hope The Stars Can Hear This​.​.​.

by Spaceman Fantastiques



The Story: The beginning of the journey for our hero! (at least to you) He wakes up to find that he has no memory of what the hell is going on, who he is, or why his body feels like its just been put back together like a drunk doing a puzzle. He is approached by a man with a job offer. He tells our hero that he has been waiting for him and that if he wants to remember his past he has to follow the mans orders. The Job: Steal back what is rightfully his! Our Hero's new friend, Mr. Celex (old man), wants something that sounds impossible: The cure for death. Mr. Celex gives our hero the plans to safe...thus the planning begins...

Breaking in! Thats the easy part, right? Yeah...pretty much. As our Hero pushes open to doors to Mr. Yamasan's Bank, he felt like this was second nature, like he had done this before. Done things like this...but he couldn't place where. He makes his way calmly toward a door marked "employees only" and then the race begins. Past laser beams and trip sensors. All pieces of cake...and just as our Hero reaches the final room he takes a deep breath and closes his eyes...

...and as his lids closed, a flood of memories and emotions come swirling back...some of it makes sense, most of it does not, and just as it all starts to come full swing it all slows down and his lids open only to see the vault...

The Vault stands before him...this vault holds what our Hero is hunting...the cure for death! As the dials spin and the mechanisms whir, click, and fall into perfect place our Hero pulls the handle and remembers the fact that he hadn't disabled the alarm. No sirens blaze...the Hero wonders why...he suspects that his time is limited in the vault and begins to rush things. He finds this to be quite difficult as he realizes that he has been hit by a slow ray...instincts kick in he begins to travel as fast as his body can muster. he is able to break free for a moment, but he tires out and is captured...on his way up to Mr. Yamasan's office he remains silent as he takes both verbal and physical abuse...he finally sees his moment to escape!

CRASH! Our Hero Breaks free dives out the window into Mr. Celex's space-striker. As our Hero delivers the goods, Mr. Celex delivers his part of the bargain. He begins to tell our Hero of his past. As Namec listens to his story with misunderstanding and bewilderment and all of a sudden, it clicks! His memories come flooding back and he tells the story back to Mr. Celex from his point of view...and they talk and share stories into the night...

just a nights rest...after the life changing information Namec receives, he decides to pack in for the night...

His past was now with him. Armed with this and a few other goodies from a local armory Namec sets out on his path for revenge. Mr. Yamasan killed his family and for that he will pay. He finds the road to be a little difficult and filled with various traps and pointless puzzles. Just as he thinks he has figured one out, it snaps! That's when things really start rolling! Lasers fly, bullets are dodged, and blasts are power shielded. The ground flies in different directions, enemies spawn all around, and Namec kicks into full swing. His training whips his arms around blasting energy through and through anything and everything. Double jumping from ledge to ledge, sliding down walls, nothing can hold Namec back from his mission.

Sight unseen brings herself forward...before Namec stands a woman iron-clad with armor and weapons. He is slightly confused but before pleasantries can be exchanged the battle starts. Energy blades clash and fly, jets fire and the fight spirals into the sky. Explosions abound. Missed and deflected shots tear through buildings and enemy peons. The battle rages on and just as Namec finds himself with an upper hand, she takes him by surprise and teleports away...and Namec starts his hunt for this meddlesome wench.

Just as Namec gives up his search for this mystery woman, he finds her...well she finds him and she hits him. She hits him good. Right in the back of the head, and out he goes. He wakes up in a well with a headache and a small anger that grows more and more each second he thinks about it. He tries to get up and as he does he trips and falls flat on his face...today was not a good day at all...

Fortunately for Namec the lever he fell on with his face opened a hidden passage. "Pacemaker" This is the only thing written on the instruction manual Namec finds attached to a gun he found in the hidden room at the bottom of a well he awoke in...now, how to get out of this well...

Namec is hit in the face by a small treat from above. As he looks up he sees the silhouette of a man wearing a crown. He addresses himself as King S. Wing and offers Namec a proposal...and a rope.

King Wing has summoned Namec to his palace for a nice party and a job, but first a party! Wings intentions don't truly show until later in the night and he has an odd request for our Hero. He wants him to hunt the undead that have been plaguing his kingdom.

The night creeps in and Namec starts his trek out into the castles courtyard. Usually the dead were staying away from the castle but tonight it was like they were drawn to him. They seemed to be everywhere all at once...so Namec looked around for a second, smiled, and started slaying.

The night turned to day and the battle dwindled down to nothing. She appeared again and He was overwhelmed with a wonderful emotion...happiness. After the warm flashback faded it was time to get down to brass tax...how in the hell was she alive? As they start to talk, it becomes clear that this is not a safe place to have a conversation. Yamasan's horde shows up and starts attacking...she is wounded badly...Namec takes her away as fast as he can but She is not long for this planet and Namec knows this...

As Namec holds his wounded wife he can feel her getting colder. He can't believe this is happening to him...The tears flow as she draws her last breath...

She fades away and as Namec's tears turn to a burning hot rage he has only one thought...I hope the Stars can hear this...and with this he heads out to his last encounter. It is never that easy. First there is the castle, and Namec fights is way through. As he starts to tire he finds a room quilted in a soft blue glow, he feels like this is a good place to take a break and save a little face before jumping into a battle he isn't prepared for.

As he rests in the wonderful save room he wonders why they hell Mr. Yamasan would have something like this. Before he heads out the door he takes a deep breath to mentally prepare for his final battle...

Mr. Yamasan laughs as Namec bursts through the door and just like the walls fade and they are taken into battle. Fists fly. Yamasan sends spells out. Namec evades and attacks! Yamasan seems wounded but this is just a ploy. Yamasan reveals his true form and starts transforming before Namec's eyes. The battle rages on and damage is done to each party. Namec strikes Yamasan so hard he transforms back to his human form. Namec smiles as he draws the 'Pacemaker' and Yamasan begs for his life...his request was denied. Namec feels all of the experiences he has had so far have brought him to a new level and is surrounded by a mysterious force while a melody floats through his mind.

With his wife gone and his rage abundant even though revenge has been taken he knows he must calm him self down. He thinks of a far away place. A place called home...as he imagines the town where he grew up he decides he must return...but in order for that...he needs a ship!

Like an omen from the skies a loud noise is heard in the distance and a beam of light shoots into the upper atmosphere. As Namec draws near he finds just what he needs: a ship ready for flight! He jumps in and the timer counts down. As it ends the rockets fire and Namec is shot into space! A sweet ride through space. After the take off lights turn off Namec is able to reach the console where he finds himself on a path to a local moon, not his home. He can't make any changes so he sees no harm in a little pit stop. As he lands on the moon he inputs his home coordinates. "Must recharge before take off, please check back later".

A sigh is let out and Namec dawns a spacesuit and takes a stroll. The cave is dark and kinda scary. Creatures and noises echo through the cavern. Namec starts feeling a little weird but continues on. He sees something nice and shiny sitting on a pedestal. The closer he gets the stranger he feels. Just as he reaches to grab it...

He finds him self back on the ship. Alarms blaring. Confused he starts pressing buttons only to have Yamasans disembodied head show up on all monitors laughing. Nothing he does shows any result and falls deeper into a panic. He falls to his knees and takes a deep breath. In. Out. Thoughts of his home once again fill his mind. In. A small house on a hill. Out. Both the Suns shining down on his face. In. Happiness. Out. Alarms. In. Alarms. Out. Alarms! Namec is snapped back into his present danger a tad too late. His ship is magnetized and is attracting a lot of debris out in space. He panics again and slams on all control panels. Yamasans laughing still present as a meteor of iron ore rips through the hull and the spacemans body. Shortly after the hull is torn to shreds as the alarm still barely sounds through what little oxygen it can travel through dissipating into space. Namec's body cold and lifeless floats through space slowly being pulled toward a blackhole. The event horizon is passed and Namec starts to think. As his body is being whirled through time and space into some crazy unknown vortex Namec can think. He is sentient. 'What the hell is going on?' Namec begins to feel his life pass before his eyes...but not in the way it normally would pass in this situation. His life is rewinding and his memories being pulled from them, as though the further he travels the more he un-lives his own life. As he feels the last bits of his life fade from his brain He wakes up to find that he has no memory of what the hell is going on, who he is, or why his body feels like its just been put back together like a drunk doing a puzzle...


released April 19, 2011

all music written by Spaceman

art work by the talented @ninto_




Spaceman Fantastiques New York, New York

making delightful music and scoring games/digital shorts. let me know if you need something!

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